About the PPS Register

The Personal Property Securities (PPS) Register

The Personal Property Securities (PPS) Register is an online register of all personal property that has security interests registered against it. This website is the gateway to the PPS Register.

About PPS reform

New national rules apply to help protect consumers and business to manage credit risk, check for security interests over personal property and register security interests in personal property used to secure payment or other obligation. For more information, visit the About PPS reform page.

Before the PPS Register

The PPS Register is an Australian Government initiative to combine existing registers that cover different types of personal property and create one national law relating to personal property securities. See the Before the PPS Register page for more information.

Migrated registrations

The PPS Register has replaced a number of registers of security interests in personal property. Information on these registers has been migrated to the PPS Register. Visit the list of migrated registers for more information.

Personal property

Personal property is any property except real estate. Under the new PPS rules, a supplier of personal property will be able to register their interest on the PPS Register in order to protect their right to repossess the property if the customer fails to pay. For more information visit the Personal property page.


Consumers may search the register before buying personal property, such as valuable second hand goods. They may also search the PPS Register to see if there is a registration against personal property with a security interest attached. For more information, visit the Consumers page.


PPS reform affects business in various ways. There are also different ways that they may use and interact with the PPS Register. See the For business pages for more information.

Access and use of the PPS Register and its information is subject to certain terms and conditions. For more information go to the PPS Register Conditions of use page.

PPS Campaign materials

The PPS Campaign materials page includes copies of the print, radio and online advertising materials used to raise business and consumer awareness of PPS reform and the new PPS Register.

Contact us

Contact details for PPS services and information can be found on the contact us page.

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