List of transitional registers

The registers listed below are closed and their data was transferred to the PPS Register prior to 30 January 2012.

Australian Government registers

  • Australian Register of Ships (mortgages only)
  • ASIC - Register of Company Charges (including provisional charges)
  • Fisheries Register

New South Wales registers

  • Register of Encumbered Vehicles (REVS NSW)
  • Security Interest of Goods Register:
    • stock mortgages originally registered under the Liens on Crops and Wool and Stock Mortgages Act 1989 (NSW)
    • Bills of Sale from 1 January 2000
    • current crop mortgages and all other interests registered under the Security Interests in Goods Act 2005 (NSW)
  • Register of Co-operative Charges 

Queensland registers

  • Register of Encumbered Vehicles (REVS Qld)
  • Bills of Sale Register (including Register of Liens on Crops of Sugar Cane)
  • Register of Co-operative Charges

South Australian registers

  • Vehicle Securities Register
  • The following registers maintained by the General Registry Office:
    • Bills of Sale Register
    • Stock Mortgages and Wool Liens Register
    • Liens on Fruit Register
  • Register of Co-operative Charges

Tasmanian registers

  • Register of Vehicle Security Interests
  • Register of Bills of Sale, Stock, Wool and Crop Mortgages and Co-operative Charges

Victorian registers

  • Vehicle Securities Register (VSR)
  • Register of Liens on Wool and Stock Mortgages (stock mortgages only)
  • Register of Co-operative Charges

Western Australian registers

  • Register of Encumbered Vehicles (REVS WA)
  • Bills of Sale Register

Australian Capital Territory registers

  • Register of Encumbered Vehicles (REVS ACT - from REVS NSW)
  • General Register of Deeds and Instruments
  • Register of Co-operative Charges

Northern Territory registers

  • Register of Interests in Motor Vehicles and Other Goods (REVS NT - from REVS NSW)
  • Lands Titles Registration and General Registry Office (Bills of Sale and stock mortgages)
Details about accessing historical data on these registers and contact details for the registers are available in the table of contact details.

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