Searching the PPSR

The Personal Property Securities (PPS) Register is an online register that is generally available at all times.

You can check for scheduled maintenance outage times for the PPS Register on the Registrar's Notices page.

There are a number of ways you can search the PPS Register:

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PPS Register fees

There is a charge for searching or registering a security interest on the PPS Register. See the fees page for more information.

PPS Register tutorials

Five tutorials have been developed to assist users undertake key functions of the PPS Register.

  • Getting started
  • Creating an account
  • Creating a secured party group
  • Creating a registration
  • Searching the PPS Register

Visit the PPS Register tutorial page to get started.

Who can search the PPS Register?

It is recommended that you read the PPS Register General Conditions of Use before starting a search.

If you are searching the PPS Register using an individual’s name and date of birth, you may only search for an authorised purpose. Generally, the people who can search the PPS Register using an individual’s details are:

  • A person who has been given the individual’s consent to search
  • an individual or organisation needing to decide whether to provide credit to a person or organisation
  • an individual or organisation needing to decide whether to invest in, with or through a person or organisation
  • an individual or organisation needing to establish whether personal property is subject to an existing security interest.

Searching the PPS Register – main search types

When searching for personal property that has a security interest attached, particular identification details are required in order to conduct a search for it.

Choice of search types

The PPS Register offers six search types as outlined in the table below and indicates the type of information to provide to conduct each search.

Search typeType of information needed to undertake the search
Motor vehicle The serial number for the motor vehicle - in most cases will be the vehicle identification number (VIN) or if the vehicle does not have VIN it may be the Chassis number
WatercraftThe serial number for the watercraft (Official number or hull identification number (HIN)
Any other personal propertyThe serial number for the type of personal property (e.g. aircraft, intellectual property)
PPS registration numberThe unique number given to a registration on the PPSR (this is not a car rego number)
Individual grantorGiven names, family name and date of birth as it appears on particular forms of identifications (e.g. drivers license, birth certificate)
Organisational grantorNumeric identifier such as Australian Company Number (ACN), Australian Registered Body Number (ARBN), Australian Registered Scheme Number (ARSN), Australian Business Number (ABN), or the name of the organisation if they do not have an identifier.

Search result

You need to make sure that you enter the details correctly, as required by the particular search you are doing, or you risk not getting the result you should from the PPS Register – you may not get details of security interests when you should, or you get details of security interests that don’t relate to the particular property you are interested in.

An important thing to remember is that the PPS Register is a noticeboard of security interests and you may need to make further enquiries to verify the result you get from your search. In addition, the accuracy of information on the PPS Register is dependent on its source, usually the person who registered the security interest, and the Commonwealth cannot guarantee the quality, completeness or accuracy of the information contained on the PPS Register.

Quick motor vehicle search

Quick motor vehicle

This search option allows you to identify whether a registration has been made against a specific motor vehicle. This is a serial number search. Note that a serial number for this type of search does not include an engine number.

Watercraft search


This search option allows you to identify whether a serial numbered watercraft has a registration against it. This is a serial number search. Note that an outboard motor is not classified as watercraft, so a different search may need to be done for this type of personal property.

Serial number search

Serial number

This search option allows users to identify whether a specific item of personal property that may or must be described by serial number has a registration.

Search by PPS registration number

Search by PPS registration number

This search option allows users to enter a specific registration number and retrieve its details. This is the number assigned to a registration in the PPS Register (that is, not a registration number of a motor vehicle).

Search by individual grantor

Search by individual grantor

This search option allows users to identify whether an individual has any registrations over their personal property. It requires the exact spelling of an individual's name and their date of birth. Rules about the identification of individual grantors on the PPS Register can be found in the PPS Regulations.

You can read more about this on the privacy page. This option allows users to filter search results according to the collateral class.


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