Personal Property Securities (PPS) Register tutorials

Five tutorials have been developed to assist users undertake key functions of the PPS Register.

Please note there is some functionality represented in the tutorials and supporting documents that may not be available at this present time. This functionality will however be delivered through future upgrades to the PPS Register.

Getting started

This tutorial provides an overview of the PPS Register.

Transcript - Getting started Word 40KB
Transcript - Getting started PDF 30KB

Creating a registration

This tutorial provides instructions on how to register a security interest on the PPS Register.

IMPORTANT! In this demonstration, the same dummy ACN has been used in the Grantor identification segment as the one used in the ‘Create a secured party group’ tutorial. In an actual registration of a security interest, the grantor and secured party will be different persons. For more information about grantors and secured parties, please refer to the Glossary.

Transcript- Creating a registration Word 40KB
Transcript - Creating a registration PDF 30KB

Creating an account

This tutorial provides instructions on how to create an account customer within the PPS Register.

Transcript- Creating an account Word 40KB
Transcript - Creating an account PDF 30KB

Searching the PPS Register

This tutorial provides instructions on how to search the PPS Register.

Transcript- Searching the PPS Register  Word 40KB
Transcript - Searching the PPS Register  PDF 30KB

Creating a secured party group

This tutorial provides instructions on how to create a secured party group within the PPS Register.

Transcript- creating a secured party group  Word 48KB
Transcript – creating a secured party group PDF 200KB

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