Personal Property Securities Register 

Important Announcement/s

National Exchange of Vehicle and Driver Information System (NEVDIS) has scheduled an outage on Sunday 17 August 2014.


NEVDIS data is provided by the state motor registries and other government agencies. The NEVDIS data is intended to assist users with checking that the VIN or Chassis Number they entered, along with information they have about the vehicle from other sources, is accurate and to provide users with any data held on NEVDIS about a vehicle’s stolen or written off status.


Schedule Outage:

  • Sunday 17 August 2014 between 6:00am – 10:30am Canberra time.

During the outage:

  • Users will be able to search on the PPSR but search results will not return any NEVDIS information.
  • Users will be able to register security interests on the PPSR but registrations will not return any NEVDIS information.

The NEVDIS information provided in search results and verification statements is not derived from the PPSR and is presented (when available) with no guarantee as to its accuracy.


The absence of NEVDIS information from a search certificate or verification statement due to unavailability of the NEVDIS database at the time it was issued does not affect the data on the PPSR in relation to security interests, and no refunds are available in those circumstances.


Should you wish to obtain the NEVDIS data, a search of the PPSR by serial number at another time may provide that information.


The Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) is the register where details of security interests in personal property can be registered and searched. The Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA) is the Australian Government agency responsible for administering the PPSR.

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