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Allow changes that are not required to be reflected on the Financing Statement, and deemed ‘administrative’, to have a change number/type that will not trigger the generation of a notification


Current functionality allows B2G accounts to link to a Secured Party Group (SPG). This is for administrative purposes, allowing the B2G to determine how notifications will be sent (i.e. to the B2G account or to the Address for Service). When you unlink a B2G account it triggers a change event in the PPSR, which creates a new Verification Statement showing the B2G account number that was removed or amended.

There is no requirement for a B2G account number to be shown on a verification statement or for it to be refreshed if there is a change.

Business benefit: 

In an instance where a B2G client has been managing an SPG, and transfers its management to another party, the transaction would be completed without triggering verification statements and change numbers. This would avoid the need to update the change numbers in the client’s system.

B2G and Web UI
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