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In relation to a ship or watercraft, means the six digit serial number (e.g. 345678) allocated to the ship or watercraft by the Australian Shipping Registration Office to Australian registered ships via the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA).

See the AMSA website for more information about the official number of a ship or watercraft.

When a PPSR registration has been amended or discharged, this creates a registration event. An ordinal search allows you to compare two registration events.

You will need both PPSR registration numbers. These are unique 15-digit numbers generated when a security interest is registered. A PPSR registration number is not a vehicle registration number.

You will also need the start time, end time or the change number of each registration, depending on the search you wish to conduct.

The organisation identifier is the name or number that identifies the organisation.

This can include the name, ACNABNARBN, or ARSN allocated to an organisation.

It is important to ensure that the correct organisational identifier is included in the registration (incorrect identifiers for grantors may lead to the registration being ineffective). The identifier rules are contained in the PPS Regulations.

For migrated registrations, this means the time at which the registration that is migrated was first registered on the transitional register.


A mortgage for a motor vehicle was registered on the Register of Encumbered Vehicles on 1 July 2008. This registration was migrated to the PPS Register. The original registration time shown on PPS Register for this migrated registration will be 1 July 2008.

'Other goods' is a collateral class and means personal property that is goods, other than agricultureaircraftmotor vehicles and watercraft.


Bank X has a security interest over ABC Ltd's space satellite. A space satellite is a tangible property (ie goods) but is not agriculture, aircraft, motor vehicle or watercraft. It is therefore assigned the collateral class 'other good' in the registration.

Other goods are searchable by grantor.

Outboard motor means an engine that:

  • has a propeller and a manufacturer's number,
  • is designed to be attached to a boat or vessel (watercraft), and
  • is intended for use to propel a boat or vessel.

Outboard motors generally belong to the collateral class 'other goods'.