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PPS Register users who have completed a registration process and received a user ID and set a password. A registered user logs on (authenticates) to the PPS Register using their user ID and password. All account customer users and internal users will be registered users.

A person appointed in accordance with the Personal Property Securities Act in order to administer the operation of the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) and make and delegate powers to make decisions with respect to its data and other relevant matters.

A registered financing statement (as amended from time to time) with respect to a security interest or personal property as prescribed.

Registration activity means creating or amending a registration (including amendment, discharge, or transfer), resetting a token, or resetting or changing the secured party group (SPG) access code.

The time the PPS Register began operation: the start (00:00:00 Canberra time) of 30 January 2012.

The date on which the registration will end. For non-consumer property, there may be no stated end time or the end time may be up to 25 years after registration. In the case of consumer or serial numbered property, the end time may be up to 7 years after registration.

The registration of a financing statement or a financing change statement with respect to a security interest (includes discharge of a registration). A registration event will ordinarily generate a verification statement.

The PPS Register contains mostly registrations over personal property that is subject to a security interest. However, there will also be other 'kinds' of registrations.

The registration kinds on the PPS Register include:

  • security interest
  • proceeds of crime
  • hoon lien
  • court order, and
  • other prescribed property (see the 'giving of notice identifier' details for information about why the property is being registered on the PPS Register).

The registration number is provided to a user once a registration has been successfully made. The registration number will need to be supplied in order to amend a registration.

A registration can be in one of the following states:

  • current
  • expired
  • removed, or
  • archived