Access code

When you create a secured party group (SPG), you will be given a secured party group number and an access code which acts as a password. This information will be emailed to the person who is nominated during set-up of the SPG. This code can be changed (see example below).

An SPG access code is a unique 12-character alphanumeric identifier.  Any user who has the SPG number and access code can make changes to a registration (to view, modify and discharge), and access the SPG's workbench so it should only be provided to authorised users.

Example:  AccessCode1@

If you change your code it must:

  • Not contain space characters
  • Be 12 characters long
  • Have at least one uppercase character
  • Have at least one lowercase character
  • Have at least one numeric character
  • Have at least one of the following special characters: ]~@#^:;<>,.[()|\"`*$-+?_&=!%{}/