Investment instrument

In general, this is a document such as a share certificate, promissory note, or bond, used as means to acquire equity capital or loan capital. Also called financing instrument.

Refers to certain financial products, including:

  • a share in the body, or a debenture in a body
  • a derivative
  • a foreign exchange contract that is not a derivative
  • an interest in, or a unit in an interest in, a managed investment scheme
  • a unity in a share in a body, and
  • a financial product traded on the financial market that is operated in accordance with an Australian market licence or exempt from the operation of Part 7.2 of the Corporations Act 2001;

but does not include:

  • the creation or transfer of a right to payment in connection with interest in land (where the written evidence of the transfer does not specifically identify the land)
  • a document of title
  • an intermediated security, and
  • a negotiable instrument.

See definition of 'investment instrument' under section 10 of the PPS Act.