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Types of users in the PPS Register include casual users and account customers.

A series of numbers and/or letters that is assigned to a vehicle by the relevant road traffic authority upon registration of a motor vehicle. Often shortened to Rego.

You cannot search the PPSR using a vehicle registration number as it can be changed. For more information on searching for a motor vehicle,

A database (for example, NEVDIS, ABR & ASIC) against which PPS Register data will be verified.

A report produced during migration of registrations from transitional registers to the PPS Register. The verification report verifies which registrations were successfully to the PPS Register and those which were not successfully migrated.

A document confirming the details of a registration on the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR), which is automatically generated by the PPSR and sent to the secured party’s address for service.

It confirms the details of a registration and may need to be given by the secured party to the grantor. Secured parties should ensure that the details on the verification statement received are correct. Some mistakes will mean that the registration is ineffective.

The VIN is a unique 17 character serial number used to identify a motor vehicle.

If a motor vehicle has a VIN, then a registration or a search for that motor vehicle on the PPSR should be made against that VIN.


Age of Vehicle: In most cases the serial number of a vehicle built after 1989 will be the vehicle identification number (VIN). This is not the number plate (registration/rego) number.

Structure of VIN: A VIN can only be made up of the following characters: 0-9, A-Z (uppercase) excluding letters I, O and Q,

Normalisation of input: When searching by VIN, if you enter the letters i/I, O or Q the system will normalise or correct these letters when searching on the PPSR for a security interest and for the retrieval of third party NEVDIS data.

Location of VIN: The VIN generally can be located on the body of the vehicle, under the bonnet, at the bottom of the windscreen on the passenger side, or along the drivers side door closure area.

Voice over Internet Protocol is a protocol optimised for the transmission of voice through the internet or other packet switched networks.

A watercraft is a boat or vessel (other than a seaplane) that is used, or intended to be used, in navigation by water or for any other purpose on water that has:

  • a hull identification number, or
  • an official number, within the meaning of the Shipping Registration Regulations 1981, issued by the Registrar of Ships (within the meaning of the Shipping Registration Act 1981.