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Commercial property is personal property that is not consumer property.

It is personal property that is held in the course or furtherance to any degree of carrying on an enterprise to which an ABN has been allocated.

The terms and conditions you must accept and adhere to, when using the PPSR.

Personal property held by an individual and not for any use in a business with a ABN.

See definition for 'consumer property' in section 10 of the PPS Act.

Control is one way of perfecting a security interest in controllable property.

See definition for 'control' in section 10 of the PPS Act.

Copyright is a type of legal protection for ideas and information in certain forms. The most common forms are: writings, visual images, music and moving images. Copyright is intangible personal property.

This refers to crops (whether matured or not and whether naturally grown or planted) that have not been harvested.

Examples of crops include:

  • the products of agriculture or aquaculture, if the products have not been harvested, and
  • trees (but only if they are personal property), if the trees have not been harvested.

Currency that is used as a medium of exchange in Australia or any other country.

A person, organisation, company or other entity who owes a debt.

Design relates to the features of shape, configuration, pattern or ornamentation which, when applied to a product, gives the product a unique appearance. Design is intangible personal property.

A registration that has passed its expiry date or has been removed from the PPS Register.