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The length of time of a registration from the start time to the end time.

The end date of a registration. This is the date at which the registration expires.

Expiry will occur at the last moment of the nominated end date (that is, at 23:59:59 on the end date).

Frequently asked question. FAQs are questions and answers on frequently asked topics.

As a collateral class, includes chattel paper, currency, documents of title, investment instruments, negotiable instruments, and investment entitlements.

The data amending a registered financing statement.

The data registered pursuant to an application for a registration.

The period in which a search result may be accessed without payment of a further fee.

The giving of notice identifier is the reference number or text that is used to identify, or to provide more information, about the registration.

As a secured party you can choose to enter a giving of notice identifier on a PPSR registration which identifies a record of the registration for your secured party.

The giving of notice identifier, where it exists, must be included in correspondence to the secured party relating to that registration.

Goods means tangible personal property, including:

  1. crops
  2. livestock
  3. wool
  4. extracted minerals, and
  5. satellites and other space objects

but does not include financial property or an intermediated security.

An individual or an organisation who owns or has an interest in the personal property to which a security interest is attached.

A grantor includes an individual or an organisation who receives goods under a commercial consignment, a lessee under a PPS lease, and a transferor of an account or chattel paper.