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How the PPSR searches the database

Grantor searches – what is exact matching?

The PPSR uses exact match searching for grantor searches, the following examples provide more detail on the exact match search parameters. 

Case insensitive

All searching in PPSR is case insensitive. For example:

  • abC123 matches abc123 and ABC123
  • Jordan Michael the Third matches Jordan Michael the third, Jordan Michael the THIRD and JORDAN MICHAEL THE THIRD
  • BHP Australia matches Bhp Australia and BHP AUSTRALIA.

Ignore white space

All white space is ignored for grantor names and identifying numbers. White space is any spaces before, after, or in the middle of other characters. For example:

  • Jo Anne Smith matches JOANNESMITH
  • King S Land matches KINGSLAND
  • 67 340 179 184 matches 67340179184.

Ignore punctuation in names

All punctuation is ignored for grantor names. Punctuation is any non-alphanumeric characters before, after, or in the middle of other characters. For example, when used in conjunction with case insensitivity and ignoring white space:

  • J.O. Brien matches JOBRIEN
  • J O’Brien matches JOBRIEN
  • A-BC Const. matches ABCCONST
  • @Home Design matches HOMEDESIGN.

Ignore leading zeros in ASIC identifiers

For ACNs, ARSNs and ARBNs, any leading zeros are ignored before matching with PPSR and verification with ASIC. For example:

  • 012 610 487 matches 12610487
  • 008630243 matches 8 630 243
  • 098652874 matches 98652874.

Ignore noise words

PPSR search ignores noise words in organisation names only.For a noise word to be ignored it needs to be a whole word which is:

  • followed by a space if it is the first word
  • preceded by a space if it is the last word
  • preceded and followed by a space if it is in the middle of other words.

If a noise word is contained within a word without any spaces it is not ignored.

Organisation name Action
Examples of ignoring noise words (the examples used do not mean that these words will be defined as noise words in PPSR search)
The Smiths “The” is removed
Smiths the “the” is removed
Smith and Sons “and” is removed
Jacaranda “and” is not removed
England “and” is not removed

The noise words in PPSR are below. They include individual honorifics, as some transitional registers migrated the individual grantor name in the organisation name field.

  • a
  • an
  • and
  • as
  • Dr
  • Esq
  • for
  • in
  • Jnr
  • Miss
  • Mr
  • Mrs
  • Ms
  • of
  • Prof
  • the

Treat certain words as equivalent

PPSR search treats certain words as equivalent in organisation names only.

This allows phrases or words to be treated as equivalent to another word or phrase.

The list of words to be treated as equivalent is below.

Words Equivalent words
The list of words to be treated as equivalent
Western Australia WA
South Australia SA
Victoria VIC


Tasmania TAS
Northern Territory NT
New South Wales NSW
Australian Capital Territory ACT
New Zealand NZ
trustee trust
proprietary P
pty P
limited L
ltd L
trading T
saint st
registered regd
number no
incorporated inc
corporation corp
co operative coop
cooperative coop
co op coop
company co
coy co
Australia aust
Australian aust
assoc assn
association assn
assocn assn