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Release 3

Potential functionality to be delivered is outlined below.

Filter for search results and download search result in .CSV (Web UI)

Additional filter options will be added to Web UI grantor search results. B2G are provided all search results via XML and accordingly already have the ability to filter results.

The enhancement will provide an on screen summary of the search result and an additional field - ‘Go to PPSR registration number’. All search results will also display the Secured Party name(s) and/or identifier.

Additionally, grantor search results will be available for download in .CSV format. 

Security updates

A number of security updates are included in the R3 release which may impact users.  Please be aware of the following:

User authentication update

  • Improved authentication for B2G users introducing changes to B2G password management processes.  See the security section of Tips for using your B2G connection for more information.

Web application update

  • The PPSR will no longer support outdated internet browsers including Internet Explorer 6 (IE6). 
  • A security update that is required to maintain the performance of the PPSR will mean users will be unable to add an attachment to a registration. A solution to restore this functionality is being investigated. Please note that this does not impact on the ability to complete new PPSR registrations.  The absence of an attachment does not alter the effectiveness of a registration.

Group registrations for a Secured Party Group (SPG) (Web UI)

Secured Parties can manage their registrations via the SPG workbench.  At present, there are a number of filter options to help identify specific registrations. 

The option of filtering registrations by 'Giving of Notice Identifier' (GONI) will be introduced. Additionally, the table in the group registrations tab will display the GONI.

Increased data provided in reports (Web UI and B2G)

A number of predefined reports are currently available.  Stakeholders have suggested a number of changes that will improve the current suite of reports.  The following table summarises the proposed changes.

Report Name Proposed changes to report output
SPG Registration Activity Include:
  • Serial number and type
  • Grantor name or identifier
Registrations due to expire Include:
  • Serial number and type
  • Grantor name or identifier
Transaction Reconciliation Include Transactions:
  • ReissueVerificationStatement
    • SPG number
    • Registration number
  • RegistrationIssueNewRegistrationToken
  • SPG number
  • Registration number
  • Report number
  • ReportDelete
User Management When the user only has the default group(s) assigned to them, only display the group name (not the roles).

Transfer multiple registrations (Web UI – Bulk transfers already achievable through B2G)

The PPSR was designed to enable transfer of a single registration or of all registrations belonging to an SPG.  Where multiple (but not all) registrations were required to be transferred, the intent was for the user to transfer them one at a time.  It is recognised that there are many instances where SPGs will need to transfer multiple registrations, but not all.  A change is proposed to allow users to select multiple registrations and transfer them to a different SPG.

System Performance (Web UI and B2G)

A number of changes are proposed that will improve the way that the PPSR processes and logs background tasks.  The optimisation of these processes will enhance system efficiency.

Critical Notices (Web UI and B2G)

When the PPSR experiences technical difficulties a ‘critical notice’ can be presented to web users and delivered to the B2G Mailbox of B2G users.  The proposed functionality will streamline this process, improving AFSA’s ability to provide timely communication of technical issues.

An email subscription service would also be incorporated, allowing immediate notification for users wishing to receive a new critical notice.

Verify organisation grantor identifier for search (Web UI)

To aid the accuracy for Web UI users conducting a search by organisation grantor, an enhancement is proposed that would verify an organisation identifier before the search is conducted.  The proposed change will add a verify button next to the organisation identifier on the organisation grantor search screen. B2G are capable of conducting an ASIC or ABR search to achieve the same result.

Convert all single user accounts to multi user accounts (Web UI and B2G)

Single user accounts offer reduced functionality to users and are unable to be migrated to a multi user account as business needs change.  To improve flexibility for customers, the proposed change will convert all current single user accounts to multi user accounts and remove the single user option for all future customers.

Login screen (Web UI)

An improvement to the PPSR Web UI login screen is proposed.  The change would rectify system behaviour that cancels the login process when the ‘enter’ key is pressed.

Release date

December, 2014

Scheduled dates for implementation