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Searching by grantors

Before you purchase valuable goods (over $5000) from a private seller; provide credit to a person or organisation; or invest in, with or through a person or organisation; you should check whether the goods, person or organisation have any existing security interests registered against them by searching the PPSR.

If the goods are identified by a serial number (such as a motor vehicle or watercraft), you can search using the serial number. Otherwise, you need to search by the details of the person or organisation (referred to as the grantor in the PPSR).

A grantor is a person or organisation who owns or has an interest in the personal property to which a security interest is attached. This includes a person or organisation who receives goods under a commercial consignment, a lessee under a Personal Property Securities (PPS) lease, and a transferor of an account or chattel paper.

You can search by individual grantors or organisation grantors.

Migrated registration differences in grantor details

Transitional registers described organisation and individual grantors in a variety of ways. Many of these details are different to the way the PPSR registers grantors.

For more information, see how transitional registers identified grantors.

How the PPSR searches for grantors

Find out more about how the PPSR searches the database and what exact match searching for grantor searches means.