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Searching the PPSR for migrated registrations

The PPSR commenced on 30 January 2012. The approximate 4.8 million registrations that existed prior to this date have been transferred to the PPSR. These are know as "migrated" registrations.

If you are a secured party (creditor or lender) wishing to find your own migrated registrations, you must participate in a find and claim process.

Searching for migrated registrations

You can search for migrated registrations using the information required for each main search type. However, some information on migrated registrations was recorded differently to the way the PPSR records information.

This means you may have to adjust your search. You may also have to conduct multiple searches.

Migrated registration differences in grantor details

The data on the transitional registers described organisation and individual grantors in a variety of ways. Many of these details are different to the way the PPSR registers grantors. See how transitional registers identified grantors.

Individual grantor differences

Date of birth

For individual grantor registrations, most registers have not provided a date of birth.

To search using an individual grantor’s details in the PPSR, the date of birth field must be completed.

The PPSR will return any migrated records where the name matches. This may result in more registrations being returned than match the individual searched for. It will then be necessary to determine if any are relevant.

Format of name

How an individual grantor’s name appears in the PPSR will depend on which transitional register the registration was migrated from.

Some registers did not list individual grantors at all. See how transitional registers identified grantors.

Organisation grantor differences

Not all transitional registers have the organisation identifier (for example, ABN or ACN) included in the registration.

In some transitional registers the way the organisation has been identified will not match the way it should be identified under the PPSR rules (for example, the ABN might be used, when PPSR requires the ACN).

For more information, see how transitional registers identified grantors.

Migrated registration differences in collateral type

Some registrations have been migrated with the collateral type as ‘unknown’.

It is possible to filter your individual or organisation grantor search result to exclude results where the collateral type is unknown.

For more information Migrated registration differences in collateral class and Purchase money security interest (PMSI) indication – see Additional search results information for migrated registrations

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