Searching by PPSR registration number

You can search the PPSR using a PPSR registration number, which will allow you to retrieve an existing registration.

The registration number is unique

A PPSR registration number is a 15-digit number supplied when the security interest is initially registered. It is not a car registration number.

Start your registration number search

Go to search by PPSR registration number.

Step 1: Search details

Enter the PPSR registration number. Make sure you enter the number correctly, or you risk getting a result for the wrong registration.

Optional: Enter a Client billing reference, this reference will appear on the Tax invoice/Receipt.

The fee for the search is displayed on the screen

Click Next

Step 2: Payment

Enter your credit card details. The fee for the search is displayed on the screen.

If you would like your receipt emailed to you, enter your email address. Entering your email address here only emails your receipt. It does not email your search certificate.

The next page will allow you to email your search certificate.

Click Pay now.

Step 3: Search result summary

The result of your search is displayed, along with a unique search number and a downloadable Tax invoice/Receipt. If you entered your email address on the previous screen, the Tax invoice/Receipt will be emailed to you.

For an explanation of your search result, go to understanding search results.

Step 4: Email or view your search certificate

Make sure you email your search certificate to ensure that you have an official and legal copy of your search.

Select the email icon
Populate your email address.
Confirm your email address.
Select the email icon.

Note: Confirmation that the search certificates(s) have been emailed will be displayed on screen.

If you do not have an email address ensure you view your search certificate to save your official and legal copy of your search.

Your search certificate will contain the details of all security interests contained in your search result.

For further details on your search result and search certificate see: Understanding other PPSR search results.