Registrar's Practice Statements

Access our Practice Statements which provide detailed guidance on the functions and powers exercised by the PPS Registrar.

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The PPS Register is administered by the PPS Registrar, whose office is within the Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA).

The PPS Registrar's Practice Statements provide guidance as to how the PPS Registrar will perform the functions and exercise the powers conferred on the Registrar under the Personal Property Securities Act 2009 (Cth) and the Personal Property Securities Regulations 2010.

Access to the PPS Register by government agencies

This PPSR Practice Statement gives you information about how a government agency can access and create registrations on the PPSR.

Application to Register a Financing Statement - Court Orders

This PPSR Practice Statement give you information about registering court orders and proceeds of crime interests on the PPSR.

Investigations, Civil Penalties and Enforceable Undertakings

Find out more about how the Registrar will exercise his or her powers in relation to investigations, civil penalty provisions, and enforceable undertakings under the PPS Act.

Amendment Demand Process

This PPSR practice statement helps explain how you can use the amendment demand process to request the removal or amendment of PPSR registrations.

4a - Tips for sending an Amendment Demand

This practice statement provides tips for sending an amendment demand to request someone to remove or amend a registration from the PPSR. This includes an example amendment demand to make sure you include all the information you need when making your request.

Removal, Correction and Restoration of Data on the PPSR

This practice statement explains how the Registrar of Personal Property Securities can exercise the power to remove, restore or correct data within the PPSR.

Restrict Access to Data

This practice statement explains how the Registrar of Personal Property Securities will restrict access to data contained in the PPSR and in what circumstances it may be in the public interest to do so.

Judicial Proceedings Sections 218 & 219

This PPSR practice statement explains how you can request the Registrar of Personal Property Securities to intervene in or begin judicial proceedings.

Restoration of data to the PPSR

This practice statement explains how the registrar exercises the power to restore data to the PPSR where it has been incorrectly removed.

Maintenance fees

This practice statement outlines when the Registrar may need a secured party listed in a registration on the PPSR to pay a fee in order to maintain the effectiveness of the registration.

Preventing certain persons from making or amending registrations on the PPSR

This practice statement explains why in some situations we may prevent people from creating or updating registrations on the PPSR and what to do if you have been refused access.

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