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The Business to Government (B2G) channel is a way of accessing the PPSR. Instead of using the PPSR interface, you build your own interface. This means you integrate your own workflows and business systems with the transactional functionality of the PPSR. As our website is written for users of the web based PPSR interface, this section is dedicated to assisting our B2G users.

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If you are a business with a high volume of transactions, a B2G channel can streamline your processes. You will need the capability to develop your own interface to the PPSR and the resources to support the functionality into the future. 

Connecting to the PPSR B2G Channel

Learn about the steps you need to take to connect to the B2G Channel. Including how to build your interface, request access, connect to the B2G channel and apply for credit.

Troubleshooting B2G Accounts

Learn about solving common technical issues you might have with your B2G connection and account.

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