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We have a range of resources and tools to support you to use the PPSR and understand the benefits for your industry.

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PPSR and your business

Understand the benefits of the PPSR for your industry and protect your business.

If you have a security interest, registering it on the PPSR is optional but it’s an important way to help protect yourself. If you don't register on the PPSR you risk losing your goods or being left out-of-pocket.

Find out more information specific to your industry by selecting the industry options below, or read more about the PPSR and your business


We have a range of resources available to download or order, to support businesses using the PPSR.


Find tools and guidance to support you to use the PPSR.

Access PPSR

Information about the PPSR Discovery testing and training environment. Where you can explore, learn, use and test the PPSR in a replica environment.

Transitional and historical information

Find more information about how security interests migrated from other registers to the PPSR when it was created in 2012.


PPSR case studies


A case study about Sarah, who purchases a vehicle that had money owing on it from a private seller. Learn about the importance of searching the PPSR before buying a used car.


A case study about Yosef, who purchases a used car that was a repairable write-off. Find out how important it is to search the PPSR before buying a used car.


A case study about Noah, who found a private car listed on the internet that he is interested in buying, which turns out to be stolen.


A case study about a farmer who uses the PPSR to help recover his barley crop after a wholesale customer went into liquidation.


A case study about a building company that does a PPSR search and enacts the ‘taking free’ rules for an excavator it hires.


A case study about a wholesaler who on-sells invoices to improve cash-flow. Learn more about how the PPSR can help protect businesses that work with retention of title terms and more.


A case study about about a wine producer who ticks the ‘intellectual property' box when registering a security interest in its wine sales.


A case study about a heavy vehicle hirer who doesn't register an indefinite lease on the PPSR. Includes information about hire and rental, PPS leases and bailments.

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