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Report suspected misuse

There are rules around using the PPSR to search and register. If you suspect someone has breached these rules, you can report this to us to investigate further. 

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If you know or suspect that anyone has misused the PPSR, please report it to us. We take this issue very seriously and look into all reports.

Deliberate misuse of the PPSR can attract serious penalties.

Types of misuse

Misuse of the PPSR includes (but is not limited to) when people:

  • register against property to prevent it being sold when they don't have a security interest
  • create registrations against an ex-partner to frustrate or harass them
  • do a search on an individual without having an authorised reason.
  • register an interest in property without believing they’re a secured party.
  • access or use PPSR data fraudulently for financial gain.

If you need a registration removed

If there’s a PPSR registration you want removed or changed, send the secured party a written demand.

For more information, see Disputing a registration.

If you suspect misuse

There are two ways to report suspected misuse.

  1. Use the ‘Referring suspected PPSR misuse’ online form or paper form. You’ll need to give your name and contact details so we can get in touch with you for more information if we need to.

    Referring suspected PPSR misuse online form

  2. Use the online ‘Provide a tip-off’ form on the AFSA website. You have the option of doing this without giving your name.

What happens next

We assess all reports of misuse and investigate them when necessary. We may contact you if we require further information.

For more information, see Registrar's Practice Statement No 3 - Investigations, Civil Penalties and Enforceable Undertakings.

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