Before you create a registration

If you're making a registration on the PPSR, learn more about the type of information you'll need to provide to complete your registration.

Before you make a PPSR registration, there are a few things you need to know. Being prepared will make the registration process quick and easy and help you register your security interest correctly.

Select each of the options below to learn more about the different registration options.

Important note: Do not enter any personal identifiers, such as tax file numbers (TFNs), individual healthcare identifier (IHI), Medicare numbers, birth certificate or passport details. The PPSR is a public register and placing these identifiers in registrations may expose you to the risk of identity theft or even legal action. Registrations containing these identifiers will be restricted and/or removed.

Describing the property in a PPSR registration - collateral type and class

When you make a registration on the PPSR, you need to describe the personal property you claim to have a security interest over.

Describing the grantors in a PPSR registration

When you create a registration on the PPSR, you may need or want to include details of the person or organisation who gave you the security interest (such as the owner of the property). They are known as the grantor.

Establishing if the security interest is a purchase money security interest (PMSIs)

When you register an interest in personal property, you’ll need to say if your interest is a PMSI.

Choosing the length of a PPSR registration

When you create a registration, you'll need to select how long you want the registration to stay on the PPSR.

Additional details and other PPSR registration requirements

When you create a PPSR registration there may be some additional fields you need to complete, depending on the type of collateral.

PPSR timing rules - when you need to take action

There are rules about when you need to do certain things on the PPSR.

Create your PPSR registration

Once you've gathered the information you need and have your PPSR account and SPG set up, you can make your PPSR registration.

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