Manage your PPSR accounts

Find information about how you can update and manage your PPSR account preferences, passwords, users, secured party groups, billing and more.

To do many different things on the PPSR you will need to create an account. Once you've created your account, you can set up your preferences in order to manage it effectively.

Once you've create your account, you can manage your account settings such as your contact details, create users for different people in your account and manage your favourite grantors and secured party groups.

When you create an account, you will need to choose a password and select secret questions and answers to help you retrieve your password if you forget it. Get help to reset your PPSR account password and unlock your account.

If you have multiple people using a PPSR account you can set up users and customise their permissions so they can only perform tasks you've granted them access to. To manage users' permissions, you can assign certain roles to a group (e.g. searching only) and then assign that group to a user.

When you create a registration on the PPSR, you include the secured party's details by creating and maintaining an SPG. Find out more about how to manage your SPGs once you've already set them up.

Each SPG has a unique number and access code. You’ll need them to create and manage your registrations. Find out more about how to reset them if you've lost or forgotten them.

You can manage the way you pay PPSR fees and keep track of your transactions using a PPSR account. Find out more about payment methods, how you can receive statements or check your account balance and more.

Find out about the different report types you can request to see your account or secured party group activity. These include finding registrations that are due to expire, current registrations and transaction reconciliation reports and many more.

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