View your existing PPSR registrations

Find out how you can see PPSR registrations you've already created or have saved as pending. 

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You can easily use the PPSR to view a list of your secured party group's current registrations. From here, you can then perform various tasks to manage your current registrations such as:

  • check if any registrations are due to expire

  • transfer, renew and update registrations

  • end registrations

  • reissue verification statements and

  • manage pending registrations.

Before doing any of these things, you'll need your secured party group number and access code.

You'll also need to have the right user permissions in your PPSR account. If you can't see the options in the steps below, talk to your account administrator to get access.

See a list of all your current registrations

Once you have logged into your PPSR account, there are two ways you can view your SPGs current registrations.

You can either request a free Current registrations for a secured party group (SPG) report or:

  1. Go to the Secured party groups tab.

  2. Select Manage a secured party group.

  3. Enter your SPG number and access code.

  4. Select Group registrations.

You can filter this list by:

  • registration number

  • start time

  • expiry time

  • collateral type

  • collateral class.

To see more details of each registration, click the registration number.

This view doesn't show you registrations that have already expired or ended. If you'd like to see the details of an expired registration, you can do a PPSR registration number search.

If you've accidentally ended a registration early, you can also request to have this restored.

Check for PPSR registrations due to expire

Unless you selected differently when you made a registration, the default PPSR registration period is 7 years.

Duration periods for registrations:

  • Consumer or serial numbered property - up to 7 years maximum.
  • Other property - up to 7 years or up to 25 years or no stated end time.

If you want to extend a registration, you need to do it before the expiry date. Once the registration expires, you can’t extend it (and you can't request for it to be restored).

Once you have logged into your PPSR account , there are two ways to check which registrations are due to expire. You can either:

  • request a free Registrations due to expire report or
  • view your existing registrations using the steps above and filter the list by expiry time.

To find other free reports see getting ppsr reports.

Find a pending registration application

You can pause a registration application by saving it before it’s finished. When you do this, you'll get a pending application number you can use to go back to the application. The pending application will be saved for 7 days before it's deleted.

During the 7 days you can:

  • retrieve the pending application

  • assign the pending application to another user

  • continue where you paused with the registration to finalise it.

Once you have logged into your PPSR account, there are two ways to check your pending registration. You can either request a free Pending applications report or

  1. Go to the PPSR home tab of your PPSR account.

  2. Any pending registrations you’ve made will be available here within 7 days.

  3. (If you’re an account administrator, you can also see pending registrations for other users in your PPSR account by selecting the Assigned to others option on your workbench.)

  4. To resume the application, select the Application number link.

For further help with finalising your registration see How to register a security interest.

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