Step 4: Create your registration

Find out how to create a registration on the PPSR. Registering your security interest on the PPSR helps protect you and lets others know that you have a security interest.

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Before creating a PPSR registration, make sure you understand the type of information you'll need to provide. Look at Registering on the PPSR to find out everything you need to know.

Once you've gathered the information you need and have your PPSR account and secured party group (SPG) set up, you can make your PPSR registration.

How to register on the PPSR

Find out how to make a PPSR registration online.

Informing grantors (your registration obligations)

If you have a registration which includes grantors, you may have an obligation to let them know when you create, change or end it. You can do this by sending them a copy of the verification statement.

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