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Managing users

If you have multiple people using a PPSR account you can set up users and customise their permissions so they can only perform tasks you've granted them access to. To manage users' permissions, you can assign certain roles to a group (e.g. searching only) and then assign that group to a user.

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Creating new users

To create new users in your PPSR account you need to be an account administrator. You can then log in and select create user from the users menu.

Managing existing users

As a user, you can edit your own details such as your contact details, password and secret questions and answers. To do this, log in to your PPSR account and select View my user profile.

View my user profile setting in PPSR account

Account administrators (or users with appropriate permissions) can change other users’ details, permissions and preferences.

To access this, first log into your PPSR account, then:

  1. Select manage account customer from the account customers menu.
  2. Click either the user management or group management button at the bottom of the page.

Search for users

You can also search for users in your PPSR account by going to Users and choosing the find users option. Once you find the user, you can edit their details if you have the appropriate permissions

Managing user permissions

Permissions give users access to do specific tasks on the PPSR.

You can give your users permissions by assigning roles and groups.


A role is a specific type of task that can be done on the PPSR such as doing a serial number search or ending a registration.


A group is a set of roles. For example, a group may contain all the roles you need to amend registrations or do PPSR searches. To set up roles for a user, you need to assign them a group.

There are two default groups in your PPSR account which you can assign to users:

  • Administrator - named on the PPSR as 'AccountCustomerSysAdminGroup'
  • Default user - name on the PPSR as 'AccountCustomerDefaultUserGroup'

The roles that these default groups can perform are listed on PPSR user role descriptions.

To assign a group to a user or change the group a user is assigned to, log in to your PPSR account, then:

  1. Select Find user from the Users menu
  2. Enter search criteria in the boxes provided to find the user (you can do a wildcard search by surrounding your search terms by asterisks [*])
  3. If a list of users appears, select the radio button next to the user's name and click the Retrieve button
  4. Navigate to the Groups field on the page and select Edit
  5. From here you can assign or unassign groups to the user

Every user must be assigned at least one group.

Customise your groups

If you'd like to have groups other than the default administrator and user groups, you can customise groups to suit your needs.  For example, you may have one group for users updating registrations and another group for users ending registrations.

To create a customised group, log into your PPSR account and select create group from the account customers menu. You can then give the group a name and description and individually add the roles that you'd like each group to perform. For full details of all roles available see PPSR user role descriptions.

To change, remove or view the history of an existing group, log in to your PPSR account and select find group from the account customers menu. You can then search for the group (remember you can do wildcard search by surrounding your search terms by asterisks [*]).

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