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Using your PPSR account

A PPSR account allows you to manage your PPSR transactions such as searching and creating registrations on the PPSR. If you want to make a registration on the PPSR, you'll need to create an account.

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Once you've created your account, you can manage your account settings such as your contact details, create users for different people in your account and manage your favourite grantors and secured party groups.

Benefits of a PPSR account

A PPSR account is useful if you:

  • use the PPSR regularly
  • register interests on the PPSR
  • have multiple people in your organisation that use the PPSR.

Your PPSR account lets you:

Having an account also makes it easier to pay for your PPSR transactions.

Using your PPSR account

Your PPSR account has two default levels of permissions:

  • administrators
  • users.


Administrators have high-level permissions to make changes to the account. When you create a PPSR account, the person you enter as the account contact (usually yourself) will become the administrator by default. You can change this later if you need to. If possible, you should have more than one administrator so you can still make account changes if one administrator is away.

Administrators can:

  • manage users by:
    • adding, modifying and removing users
    • resetting user passwords
    • setting up groups of user permissions
  • change PPSR account details and preferences
  • add and manage favourite secured party groups and grantors.


If you have other people who will be using your PPSR account, you can create additional users.

Account administrators have the permission level to manage users. You can assign different permissions to the users so they can do different tasks.

Updating your PPSR account details

To change any of your account details, log in to your PPSR account, then:

  1. Go to the account customers tab and choose manage account customer
  2. Click the edit button where you want to make a change.
  3. Make the change and click save.

Note not all account details can be changed (for example, an organisations identifier such as their ABN or ACN). Any errors made are your responsibility.

Deactivating or removing an account

If you want to temporarily deactivate or permanently remove an account, an account administrator can contact us in writing to request this.

Once your account has been removed permanently, it can’t be restored. You’ll need to open a new account.

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