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B2G technical resources

These documents and tips help you configure your B2G interface. They help with developing, testing, troubleshooting, or if you are looking to enhance your existing interface.

B2G interface with the PPSR. See B2G interface versioning for more information about the different versions.

Versions of the B2G interface

From time to time we will update the current version of the B2G interface to a new version. We use Web Services Description Language (WDSL) to provide the different versions.

Currently we support these three versions of the B2G interface:

  • Version 2016
  • Version 2015
  • Version 2011

We support three versions of the B2G interface, the current and previous releases. We communicate and manage changes with PPSR B2G clients to provide adequate transition periods.

Functions supported/not supported by B2G interfaces

This table shows the main functions available via the B2G channel. See the specification documents in the related documentation row for more information.

  Interface version 2016 Interface version 2015 Interface version 2011
This table shows the main functions available via the B2G channel.
Supported functions
  1. Registrations
  2. Searches
  3. Secured party groups 
  4. Reports
  5. Alert notifications
  6. Client billing reference
  7. Additional notification addresses
  1. Registrations
  2. Searches
  3. Secured party groups
  4. Reports
  5. Alert notifications
  1. Registrations
  2. Searches
  3. Secured party groups
  4. Reports
Related documentation

Functions not available through the B2G interface, include:

  • account management
  • user management

You can choose which functions to implement in a way that makes business sense for your organisation. The only mandatory B2G functions are ping and change B2G password.

Interpreting NEVDIS written-off codes

The written-off codes provided by the National Exchange of Vehicle and Driver Information System (NEVDIS) are unformatted.  The PPSR will format this data for search certificates and verification statements generated as PDFs, as well as on all on screen search results via WebUI.  B2G clients are provided the unformatted data through XML.

An example of the response returned would be:

  • I01BI05BI06B, NSW, 19 Mar 1997, Repairable Write-off

To format this code these details need to be broken down into short 4 character elements.

  • I01B
  • I05B
  • I06B

Each element would then represent the 3 components of the damage codes.

I Impact (Incident Type)
01 Passenger front (Damage Location)
B Light panel (Damage Severity)

Once the codes have been formatted they should then be displayed as per the following:

NSW, 19 Mar 1997, Repairable Write-off

I01B Impact Passenger front Light panel
I05B Impact Passenger rear Light panel
I06B Impact Passenger side Light panel

The full table of written off codes can be located at the Updates to written-off vehicle information and in the appendix in both these documents: 

Test data for use in the Discovery environment:

TIP: If you download the search certificate or verification statement generated by the PPSR in PDF format you will not be required to make any changes, to display the additional written-off data.

The above changes only relate to you generate a search certificate from the search XML or display the search results including the NEVDIS information in your B2G interface. 

If this is the case you will be required to format the codes returned in your XML response.

Each line of NEVDIS information returned during a search will contain a string of code which needs to be broken down and interpreted.

Additional considerations for B2G Users not using the PDF Search certificate.

If you use the search certificate provided in PDF when using the “RetrieveSearchCertificate” request you will not need to make any changes.

If you generate a search certificate from the search details returned in XML, you will need to update your template. The updated templates can be located above in B2G Documents.

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