Managing and maintaining

Once you've created accounts, registrations and secured party groups on the PPSR, it is your responsibility to keep these up-to-date.

This page contains important information about managing and maintaining your PPSR accounts, registrations and secured party groups (SPGs). It also provides you with guidance on how you can get a registration removed from the PPSR if you don't think it should be there and information about enforcing your security interests.

Find information about how you can update and manage your account preferences, password, users, secured party groups (SPGs), billing, templates, reporting and more.

Discover how you can view, update, transfer and end your registrations. Find out what you can do if you need a new token, have been asked to remove or accidentally discharged a registration.

Do you want someone to remove a registration you think should not be there? Find out more about the process for disputing a registration.

See more information about enforcing security interests registered on the PPSR.

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