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PPSR registrations - is it time to review them?

20 August 2018
Blog entry

Do you know which of your PPSR registrations are due to expire?

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You can access a FREE PPSR report called registrations due to expire which enables users to simply run a report that lists registrations due to expire in a specified date range (ie, the month of January 2019) for your secured party group.

The report can be generated in either CSV or XML format.

The report includes the following information:

  • secured party group number
  • registration number
  • end date and time (AEST)
  • collateral type
  • collateral class
  • serial number and serial number type
  • grantor.

General PPSR information resources for business can be found in our business resources section - you can order FREE quantities of booklets and flyers to use or distribute.
There is also a new PPSR industry information section and you can leave your feedback and suggestions for improvement at the bottom of each webpage.