Aircraft engine

Aircraft engine means engines (other than those used in military, customs or police services), powered by jet propulsion or turbine or piston technology, and:

  • in the case of jet propulsion aircraft engines, have at least 1750 lb of thrust or its equivalent, and
  • in the case of turbine-powered or piston-powered aircraft engines, have at least 550 rated take-off shaft horsepower or its equivalent,

together with all modules and other installed, incorporated or attached accessories, parts and equipment.

See definition of aircraft engine' in the PPS Regulations.

Aircraft that is further described as aircraft engine must be described by serial number in a registration. The serial number for aircraft engine comprise of:

  • the engine's manufacturer's number; that is, the serial number attached to the engine by the manufacturer
  • the manufacturer's name, and
  • the manufacturer's generic model description.