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Greetings from Peter Edwards, Acting Registrar

As Gavin mentioned prior to Christmas, I will be acting as Registrar for the next 12 months. Having been the Deputy Registrar for the past couple of years, I’ve been actively involved in PPSR operations and I’m looking forward to continuing to collaborate with stakeholders to ensure the ongoing successful operations of the PPSR.

The year ahead is expected to be bring a number of positive changes to the PPSR landscape.  

To start with, the final transitional period ends on January 31. To help raise awareness of the final transitional period, we’ve undertaken an extensive targeted communications programme, informed through consultation with a broad range of stakeholders. We’ve undertaken a range of outreach activities and I’m very pleased that this has resulted in an increased level of activity from users claiming and updating their migrated registrations. This shows that these initiatives have been effective.  

I’d like to thank all those stakeholders who helped us shape our communication activities and also acknowledge those who complemented our initiatives with flow-through communication within their own industry groups.

We encourage you to review the End of final transitional period webpage for more information.

Over the course of the year we look forward to continuing to work with the Attorney-General’s Department and yourselves in helping to support changes to the register, flowing from the response to the Review of the PPS Act.

I look forward to keeping you updated on a range of matters throughout the year.

Peter Edwards
Acting Registrar
Personal Property Securities

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