PPSR and high-value goods


Did you know that a Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) search is for more than just cars?

Any high-value goods that are not land, fixtures or fittings could have a security interest registered on the PPSR.

If you’re considering buying any high-value goods privately, you should do a $2 PPSR search before you purchase. A $2 online PPSR search can tell you if personal property has a security interest registered against it. If it does, it may mean the property has money owing on it.

When you search, you’ll get a certificate you can keep as proof of whether or not a security interest was registered at that time. If you don’t do a search and buy property that has a security interest registered over it, you’re at risk of the goods being repossessed even though you’ve paid for them.

Common high-value goods include:

  • recreational vehicles like motorbikes, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and golf carts
  • watercraft like jet skis and boats
  • travel equipment like trailers and caravans
  • aircraft like helicopters and planes
  • valuables like jewellery or artworks

There are two main ways to search the PPSR:

  • by the serial number (for certain types of property)
  • by the details of the grantor (i.e. the person who has granted the security interest, usually the seller).

More information about the types of search and which search type is best for your purchase is available on the PPSR website.

For more information on searching the PPSR, visit ppsr.gov.au/searching.

Authorised by the Australian Government, Canberra.

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