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PPSR business guide now live


Gavin McCosker, Registrar

Friday the 13th turned out to be a lucky day for AFSA as we successfully launched our brand new publication―the PPSR business guide, titled ‘Are you in business?’.

The PPSR business guide has been developed to introduce the small and medium enterprise (SME) business sector to the Personal Property Securities Act; to help raise awareness of the practical implications of the law and to explain how they might benefit from using the register.

The guide will also support business advisers, such as accountants, financial advisers, lawyers, business advisory services and peak industry and professional bodies. These are trusted advisers of the SME sector and are in a prime position to provide information on how the register can be used to manage risk—and access secured credit by using their collateral.

It has taken some time to produce the guide. Presenting complex and technical information in plain English, while remaining true to the legislation and without comprising accuracy—is easier said than done! So many thanks go to Associate Professor David Brown from the University of Adelaide, who assisted us in developing content for the guide.

We are very pleased to be able to offer SMEs this comprehensive new resource.

See my speech from the official launch.

See our launch media release.

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Gavin McCosker
Personal Property Securities

Are you in business?

New PPSR business guide―for businesses, their accountants, financial advisers and lawyers.

In 2012 a new law, which also established a new 24/7 national online register, was introduced which affects a significant proportion of Australian business.

The PPSR business guide, recently launched by the Australian Financial Security Authority, is intended to help Australian businesses not familiar with the practical implications of this law. It also explains how they might benefit from using the national online system—the Personal Property Securities Register, also known as the PPSR.

The PPSR business guide is relevant if you:

  • sell goods on retention of title terms

  • hire, rent or lease out goods

  • buy or sell valuable second-hand goods or assets

  • want to raise finance using stock or other assets as collateral

  • work as an adviser to clients who conduct these activities.

The PPSR business guide is available on the PPSR website.

On the PPSR website Resources page you will also find:

  • videos

  • brochures

  • industry fact sheets

  • case studies (coming soon).

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