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PPSR’s Quick Motor Vehicle Search – IPAA Innovation Awards –Digital Transformation Category Finalist

We’ve been working hard to build a culture of innovation within our organisation so this is particularly exciting for us. We are very proud to have been one of three finalists in the inaugural round of the Innovation Awards program.

The PPSR is a key piece of financial infrastructure for Australia which, through its role in underpinning secured lending across the economy, is conservatively estimated as supporting around a quarter of Australia’s GDP. And this has the potential to grow further with the enabling PPSA broadening the base of collateral which can be used to secure finance against almost infinitely—which opens up opportunities for a range of market participants, including the fintech sector—and is of particular benefit for small business in Australia—motor vehicles are but one category of assets which could be used. Registrations can be made over just about any tangible and intangible property (that is not real property).

Our decision to build the quick motor vehicle search product is just one example of an innovation which was in direct response to what our clients were telling us. The motor vehicle industry is a significant part of Australia’s economy—and we’re very proud that now anyone—anytime and anywhere—can quickly check whether the car that they’re interested in buying, still has money owing on it.

Not only that, but the search will also inform the client if the vehicle has been recorded as written off or stolen—a significant consumer protection outcome.

All of this for just $3.40!

Of course no innovation occurs without the great work of a range of people behind it.  I would like to acknowledge all of the hard working staff at AFSA who have facilitated this positive outcome, including the responsiveness shown to our clients, who in turn continue to support our work through active and ongoing feedback.

My sincere thanks to the IPAA and the Public Sector Innovation Network for developing the Innovation Awards program, to the industry partners and also to the judges, who clearly faced some difficult choices in selecting the winner in each category.

Our congratulations go out to the Digital Transformation Category winner – the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission with their Charities Portal submission.

There will always be opportunities to make improvements, to streamline processes and deliver better results—and this awards program has highlighted the quality and extent of innovation that is alive and well in the public service—and the many forms it can take.

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