Scam alert: Fake PPSR email regarding account deactivation

AFSA has been made aware of a fake email that references the closure of PPSR accounts.

The scam email, which has the subject line ‘ACCOUNT DE-ACTIVATION IN PROGRESS’, requests for users to download a verification certificate in order to maintain their PPSR account.

If you are contacted unexpectedly, make sure you assess the email closely – poor spelling and unusual language are good indicators of a scam. In this instance, the email uses an incorrect logo, and incorrectly refers to the PPSR as ‘ Inc’.

Official PPSR notifications are issued from our ‘’ or ‘’ email addresses and will include our signature block which contains contact information for further enquiries. Additionally, PPSR accounts are only deactivated on request by the account holder – you can find out more at Using your PPSR account.

For more information about scams, including how to report suspected scams, visit Report an AFSA impersonation scam on the AFSA website.


Example scam email
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