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Registration number search

Before you begin

You will need:

  • Your credit/debit details*see Note 1
  • The PPSR registration number*see Note 2
  • Your email address*see Note 3

Note 1. Any credit card or a Visa/MasterCard debit card.
Note 2. The 15-digit number supplied when the security interest was initially registered.

Note 3. If you do not have an email address, the information will still be available online.

Search by registration number now 

Online self service - $2.00
Assisted phone service - $7.00


You can search the PPSR using a PPSR registration number, which will allow you to retrieve an existing registration. A PPSR registration number is a 15-digit number supplied when the security interest is initially registered. It is not a car registration number.

The instructions in the section below are given as animated images which will play once the image is clicked, and, as text below the images. You may stop the animation at any time by clicking the image again.

Start your search

begin your search

  1. From any page on the PPSR, click on the PPSR Search tab and select Search by PPSR registration number from the dropdown list.
  2. Enter the PPSR registration number.
    Make sure you enter the number correctly, or you risk getting a result for the wrong registration.
  3. Optional: Enter a Client billing reference, this reference will appear on the Tax invoice/Receipt.
  4. Click Next
    The fee for the search is displayed on the screen.


pay for your search

  1. Enter your credit card details.
    The fee for the search is displayed on the screen.
  2. If you would like your receipt emailed to you, enter your email address.
    Entering your email address here only emails your receipt. It does not email your search certificate.
  3. Click Pay now.
    The next page will allow you to email your search certificate.

Search result summary

see your search results

  1. The result of your search is displayed, with a unique search number and downloadable Tax invoice/Receipt. If you entered your email address, the Tax invoice/Receipt will be emailed to you.
  2. Make sure you email your search certificate so that you have an official and legal copy of your search.
  3. Click on the Email certificate button
  4. Enter your email address and confirm it in the next field. Click on ‘Email’ to send the search certificates.
  5. Confirmation that the search certificate(s) have been emailed will be displayed on screen.

Why would I need to search the PPSR?

You may want to retrieve the details of a registration that you have made, or has been made by your company. You may also want to look up a registration made by another party, to be used as collateral.

What does this search cover?

Understanding your search results

TIP: A registration number search is not a search of a vehicle's road registration plate number.

This search is for a 15 digit PPSR registration number and the search certificate will confirm the following details of the registration:

  • Registration Details – PPSR registration number, start and end dates
  • Collateral Details – information about the collateral and how the interest is held in the personal property
  • Grantor Details – the person or organisation who offered the security
  • Secured Party Details – the person or organisation that holds the interest
  • Address for Service – details on how to contact the secured party
  • History Summary – outline of amendments to the registration.

A search certificate is your legal record

It is recommended that you choose to email or view and save a search certificate, even if your search returns no registrations. Your search certificate is an official and legal copy of your search and there is no additional fee for issuing a search certificate.

If any registrations contain attachments, links to the attachments are displayed on the screen. You will need to download the attachments by clicking on the link, store them with your search certificate. The attachments form part of the collateral details.

If you request a certificate to be emailed to you, any attachments associated with the registration will also be emailed.