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Do a PPSR point-in-time search

Search to find security interests at a particular point in time using a serial number or grantor details.

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Why do a PPSR point-in-time search?

A point-in-time search tells you if a security interest registration was on the PPSR at a specific point in time since the PPSR started (30 January 2012).

You can specify a point in time to find if there were any registrations for the following types of searches:

  • serial number (car, boat, aircraft or intellectual property)
  • individual – using their identity details
  • organisation – using their organisation's unique identifier.

Your search results will show registrations that were current at that time and date; any registration creations or removals or any registration amendments made after the date you search will not be shown in the results. You’ll also get a search certificate which you can use as a legal record of your results.

You need to have a PPSR account to do a point-in-time search. Your account must also have PPSR account administrator permissions.

To find out about records of registrations that ended before the PPSR began (30 January 2012), see Previous securities registers and migrated data.

What a PPSR point-in-time search costs

A search can be done two ways:

  • online self-service: $2.00
  • assisted phone service: $7.00.

You can pay using a credit card or debit card.

What you need to do a point-in-time search

Once you know the time and date you want to search the register, you will need either the serial number or details of the individual or organisation you want to search on.

Depending on the type of search, you may need other criteria to do your point-in-time search. Select the search type to find out more:

You will also need to know your PPSR account username and password.

Start your point-in-time search now by logging into your account

Start your point-in-time search now by logging into your account

How to do a point-in-time search

Step 1: Log in and navigate to the search

  • Log into your PPSR account, then go to the PPSR Search tab.
  • Select Point in time search, then choose the type of search you want to do from the drop-down menu:
    • Individual grantor
    • Organisation grantor
    • Serial number (this includes motor vehicle, watercraft, aircraft, and intellectual property)

Step 2: Select the time and type of property

  • Under Point in time, enter the date and time of day you would like to search on.
  • Enter your search criteria depending on the type of search you are doing. For more information, refer to the relevant search information on our Searching page.
  • You can choose to search by collateral class to only see certain types of security interests. To see all security interests, select No.

Step 3: Enter your payment details

  • If you'd like to include a reference number for your own records, enter this in the Client billing reference field.
  • Review your search criteria and if it's correct select Next.
  • Enter your payment details. You can pay by credit or debit card. If you have an credit account, you do not have to enter payment details.

Step 4: Finalise your search and get your results

  • Enter your email address to be sent the tax invoice. Select Next.
  • You'll now see a Search result summary. Select View certificate to open your search certificate and find your detailed search results. You can also select Email certificate to have the search results emailed to you.
  • Save your search certificate somewhere safe. This is your legal record of your search.

Your search results

When you’ve done your search, you’ll get a PPSR search certificate. This will show you all the security interests registered on the PPSR against the serial number you’ve searched for. The PPSR search certificate is a legal record.

The certificate can be emailed to you or viewed on screen and saved as a PDF. You can get a copy of your search certificate at a later date at no additional cost.

If you searched for a motor vehicle, the point in time search won't return any additional information from the National Exchange of Vehicle and Driver Information System (NEVDIS) such as written-off or stolen status. Contact your state or territory road transport authority for further information.

No PPSR registrations

Look at your search certificate under the heading ‘PPSR Registration Details’:

If your certificate says:

'There is no security interest or other registration kind registered on the PPSR against the xxx in the search criteria details.'

This means there was not a registered security interest on the PPSR against serial-numbered property, individual or organisation you searched for at your specified point in time.

PPSR registrations

If your certificate shows any ‘PPSR registration’ details, this means someone had registered their security interest on the PPSR. This means someone claimed an interest in the property at that point in time.

The details of the secured party who had the interest will appear here. The PPSR won't tell you the value of any security interests or debts at that time.

If you'd like more information about the security interest, you can contact the secured party using the address for service details provided on the certificate.

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