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Request a new registration token

Find out how to get a new token for your PPSR registration if you can't find yours or you need to have it reset. 

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Your registration token is like a password that you can use to change, transfer or end a registration. Each PPSR registration has its own unique token that is sent to your secured party's email address for service when you first create the registration.

You can also use your secured party group (SPG) number and access code to make changes to your registration.

If you’ve lost your token, you can request a new one. Before you start, you’ll need your:

Make sure your secured party group email address for service is correct before you request the token.

How to request a new token

To request a new token for your PPSR registration, log into your PPSR account, then:

  1. Go to the Registrations tab.
  2. Select Request new token.
  3. Enter the registration number and SPG number and access code and select Request new token.
  4. You’ll see a confirmation of your request.

We'll now email the new token to your address for service.

Need multiple tokens?

If you need tokens for multiple registrations in your secured party group, you can request a free 'Registrations with Tokens for Secured Party Group' report. This will give you a list of all registrations and their associated tokens.

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