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PPSR timing rules - when you need to take action

There are rules about when you need to do certain things on the PPSR. This includes when to register your security interests on the PPSR for them to be effective and when you need to discharge registrations to avoid  possibly incurring a penalty. 


Time limit/period or options



Making a registration

Making a registration against a corporate grantor

Within 20 working days after they sign the security agreement


More than 6 months before they start insolvency

Be aware: if you want PMSI super-priority, PMSI registration time limits apply (see below)



Getting PMSI super-priority

If the goods supplied will be part of the grantor’s inventory: before the grantor gets possession/attachment of the goods/property

If the goods supplied won’t be part of the grantor’s inventory: 15 working days from when the grantor gets possession/attachment the goods/property



Sending verification statements to grantors

As soon as is reasonably practicable after registration

Exception: commercial property where grantors have agreed in writing to waive the right to receive verification statements.



Extending or ending a registration

Extending a registration

Before the registration expires



Ending a registration (goods without serial number)

Within 5 working days from the day it becomes clear that there is no longer a belief that a security interest exists (such as when a deal is no longer going ahead or you no longer have a security interest in the collateral)



Ending a registration (for serial numbered goods or collateral used for domestic or household purposes)

Within 5 business days after the security interest is no longer perfected (usually when the debt is repaid)




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