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Retrieve search results

You can retrieve a previous search result from the PPSR by using the unique search number.

The search number will take you to the original search result.

It will not conduct another search and will not give you any updated information. Any security interests that may have been registered after this search will not appear.

You might retrieve a search result to confirm that you issued a search certificate for all security interests returned in the search result or to issue a search certificate if one was not issued at the time of the original search.

If you have received a search certificate from another party, you can check the details by entering the search number and viewing the original search.

There is no cost for this service.

Additional Motor Vehicle Details – NEVDIS data will not be updated

If the original search was for a motor vehicle, and NEVDIS data was retrieved, you will see the same data when you retrieve a search result. The NEVDIS data is not updated when you retrieve a search result or reissue a search certificate.

Start your retrieve

Go to Retrieve search result.

Step 1: Retrieve search result

Enter the original search number > Click on the 'Retrieve Search' button.

The PPSR displays the original search result screen.

For an explanation of your search result, go to understanding search results.

Step 2: Email or view your search certificate

Email your search certificate to ensure that you have an official and legal copy of your search.

For grantor search certificates you will need to select each registration to receive all of the relevant search certificates.

Select the email icon
Populate your email address.
Confirm your email address.
Select the email icon.

Tip: Confirmation that the certificates(s) have been emailed will be displayed on screen.

If you do not have an email address ensure you select the view your search certificate icon to be able to save your official and legal copy of your search.