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Verification statements

A verification statement confirms the details of a registration on the PPSR.

The PPSR sends a verification statement to the secured party group's address for service when you:

  • create a registration
  • amend a registration
  • discharge a registration.  

Expired registrations

The PPSR doesn't issue a verification statement when a registration expires, i.e. its end date passes. It will only issue a verification statement if you discharge a registration.

Giving copies of the verification statement to grantors

As a secured party, you need to notify any grantor involved in a registration that you've created, amended or discharged on the PPSR. This includes notifying grantors if you've removed them from the registration.

For example, if you remove grantor A from a registration that listed grantors A and B, you must provide a copy of the verification statement to both grantor A and B.

If you don't give a copy of the verification statement to a grantor, you could be subject to a complaint under the Privacy Act 1998 (Cth).

Protecting the privacy of grantors

If the grantor is an individual and you give a copy of the verification statement to another grantor, you need to protect their privacy.

You must hide an individual grantor's date of birth on copies of verification statements that you give to other grantors. 

For example, if grantor A is an individual, you must hide their date of birth on the verification statement before giving it to grantor B.

National Exchange of Vehicle and Driver Information Systems (NEVDIS) data

You don't need to include NEVDIS data when giving a copy of the verification statement to grantors.

Possible exception for commercial collateral

You don't need to give a copy of the verification statement to a grantor if the collateral is commercial and the grantor has, in writing, waived the right to receive a verification statement.

Additional Notification addresses

The PPSR can save you time by sending a copy of your PPSR registration activity notifications to other nominated addresses.

Other addresses can be made up of an email address and or a B2G mailbox.

There are two different ways to request additional PPSR registration notifications

  • Secured Party Group level “Additional Addresses”
    • A secured party can set up additional addresses which will receive all copies of verification statements, tokens and or access codes.
  • Account User level “CC copy”
    • As a logged in account user you can request a courtesy copy (CC) of the registration activity you action on the PPSR.

For further details see: Setting Additional email addresses for your SPG.