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Request B2G access for Production

Once you have finished testing your B2G operations in Discovery, you can apply for access to Production. Production is the real version of the PPSR with actual data.

Create an account

Set up an account in Production with the pre-pay option. If you wish to operate as a credit customer, you will need to complete the PPSR/AFSA credit application form.

Learn how to create an account.

Complete the application form

Next, complete the Production B2G account application and include your PPSR account details and IP address(s). Like when you applied for access to Discovery, it is best to limit the number of IP addresses you supply.

PDF icon Production B2G account application form

Configure your account

We will configure your B2G access to Production by:

  • configuring firewall rules to allow access from your nominated IP address range
  • assigning B2G roles to your account within Production
  • telling you your B2G account customer location, B2G account customer location user ID and password.

When access is complete, your Production account will be configured to allow you access to both the web and B2G channels. You can use the same account to access both channels.

Connecting to Production

See Use B2G Access to Connect to Production. Make sure that you check your connection to ensure your B2G channel will operate in the PPSR.

Keep your Discovery and Production transaction details separate

Your Discovery account must be kept separate as it is a test account only. All Discovery data must be kept separate from Production data. This includes:

  • account details
  • user details
  • registration numbers
  • registration tokens
  • secured party group numbers
  • secured party group access codes
  • search numbers and search certificate numbers
  • transaction ID numbers.