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B2G Transfer all registrations

How to transfer all current registrations belonging to a secured party group (SPG) to another SPG.

You may wish to transfer all current registrations belonging to a secured party group (SPG) to another SPG.

There is no requirement for you to advise us of a large transfer of registrations.

You can perform this transaction any time on the PPSR. Between 8,000 and 10,000 registrations will be transferred per hour with no impact on PPSR performance.

PDF notifications after the transfer

After the transfer is complete, the following PDF notifications will be generated and sent:

  • A verification statement to both the old and new SPG advising the transfer has taken place.
  • A token reset notification sent to the new SPG advising of the new tokens for all of the registrations involved in the transfer.

Any amendments to a registration involved in the transfer process should be done after the token is reset.

Notifications for a transfer of 20,000+ registrations

The associated PDF documents from a Transfer All request consisting of more than 20,000 registrations may take about 20–60 minutes to issue after the transaction has completed.

This transaction may result in you receiving a large file notification. See PPSR notifications retrieval (large files).

If an email address for service is specified, the user will receive an email with a notification ID and retrieval code.

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