Accessing the ‘Powered by PPSR’ logo as a B2G user

Find out information about the ‘Powered by PPSR’ logo, including what it is, how you can access it, and how you can use it in your services.

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We want your customers to know that the information you’re providing to them is reliable, trustworthy and accurate – because it comes from the PPSR. So we’ve created the ‘Powered by PPSR’ logo – exclusively available to approved B2G users.

Find out information about the ‘Powered by PPSR’ logo, including what it is, how you can access it, and how you can use it in your services.

The ‘Powered by PPSR’ logoThe ‘Powered by PPSR’ logo

The ‘Powered by PPSR’ logo is only available for use by approved B2G users. It’s protected by trademark and can only be used with our express permission under a licensing agreement.

Unless you are a business who accesses the PPSR by the B2G channel, you cannot use the ‘Powered by PPSR’ logo.

The ‘Powered by PPSR’ logo is a tick mark on a shield in a quadrilateral above the letters PPSR, below the words ‘Powered by’.

How to access the ‘Powered by PPSR’ logo

You can request permission to use the ‘Powered by PPSR’ logo by completing the licence agreement, and emailing the completed agreement to

You must also continue to abide by our general conditions of use, account customer terms of use and B2G channel terms of use.

By completing and submitting the licence agreement to us, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the licence. This includes complying with the ‘Powered by PPSR’ Brand Use Guidelines that tell you how it can be used.

‘Powered by PPSR’ Brand Use Guidelines

On approval, we will provide you with a digital copy of the logo for use.

Using the ‘Powered by PPSR’ logo

If you are approved to use the ‘Powered by PPSR’ logo, you can start including it in your official products.

You must follow the ‘Powered by PPSR’ Brand Use Guidelines which explain the style in which you can use the logo when you provide services to your customers.

There are some other key points to remember, including:

  • tell your users where the data comes from - ensure it is clear which information comes from the PPSR, and which information is part of the value you add for your customers
  • make sure your users understand the information provided
  • if you provided an official PPSR certificate as part of your service, it must be supplied in the format we issue it in – don’t put it into another format or change its appearance in any way
  • only provide accurate and up-to-date information which is not misleading to the public
  • make sure your website is not overly similar in its style to official AFSA websites, such as the PPSR website or the Register itself
  • never use the Official PPSR logo except as it appears on a PPSR search certificate; or the AFSA logo or the Australian Government Coat of Arms.

In your products you can (if appropriate to your business) include statements like:

  • ‘we access information from the PPSR and provide a copy of the PPSR certificate to you’
  • ‘some of our information comes from the PPSR and we provide a copy of the PPSR certificate to you’
  • ‘we source information from the PPSR to provide reports to you’
  • ‘we can help you enter your information on the PPSR’
  • ‘we can help you register your security interest on the PPSR’.

What if I get it wrong?

We would rather work with you to get things right. This provides a better outcome for everyone.

If we see you doing something that raises our concerns we will:

  • contact you and let you know why we are concerned
  • explain what we expect you to do to fix it, including how quickly we think you need to get it done

Our notice might just be to ask you to:

  • comply with our already published guidelines
  • sign up to a licence agreement to use the ‘Powered by PPSR’ logo.

If you don’t respond to our notice, or don’t take action to fix the problem, we may take further steps to protect our branding.

If you receive a notice from us and you are not sure what you need to do, then you should get independent legal advice.

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