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B2G support

You may require more support if you are having unresolved technical issues with your B2G interface.

Password issues

You can reset your password, view your password history and unlock your account. See manage your B2G password.

Technical assistance

Go to tips for configuration for technical assistance. If the issue remains unresolved, contact us at the National Service Centre.


How you and your clients receive some registration based PPSR notifications is dependent upon your account B2G preferences within the web user interface.

Delivery Options

  • B2G Mailbox only (default)
  • B2G Mailbox and the Secured Party Group (SPG) Address for Service email address (optional)

Notification types associated to the B2G preference

  • PPSR registration token
  • Secured party group access code

B2G Preference

  • The preference of ‘Yes’ will deliver the notifications to the B2G mailbox only (default)
  • The preference of ‘No’ will deliver the notifications to both the B2G mailbox and the SPG Address for Service

Amending preloaded registrations.

There were a large number of preloaded registrations where the End Time for the registration has not been provided, and the End Time Not Specified field does not have a value. 

As a B2G user attempting to amend these registrations you will experience an error.

To be able to amend the registration you will need set the ‘is registration end time not stated’ field to the following:


This will not result in an additional charge for the registration.

Alternatively, you can make amendments to the registrations using the web user interface.

Reporting an unresolved issue

If a technical issue has not been resolved by the National Service Centre, log an incident.  

Industry feedback

We value your feedback. See industry feedback to see a copy of the PPSR enhancement list and for details on how to give industry feedback.