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Use B2G access to connect to Discovery

After you have created an account in Discovery and requested us to whitelist your IP addresses, we will assign B2G access to your Discovery account.

You will now have access to both the web and B2G channels. There is no need for separate accounts to access each channel.

The first thing you must do in Discovery is change your password via the B2G interface.

Change your B2G password

When your account is configured for B2G access, your Discovery account customer location user ID, username and password details will be sent to you.

The first time you connect to Discovery via the B2G channel, you must provide your B2G account customer location username and password in the simple object access protocol (SOAP) header of the B2G message.

You must then change your B2G password.


WS-Security is used for authentication of B2G customers. Provide your username and password as a UserNameToken in the WS-Security SOAP header of your B2G messages.

See the B2G Interface versioning page and then select the relevant versioning documents for examples.

Test your B2G interface

Now that you have connected to Discovery via the B2G channel, you can begin to test your B2G interface.