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Creating an account

Before you begin

You will need:

If relevant, you may need your company's B2G number and/or ABN, ACN, ARBN or ARSN

Note 1. This can be you or another member of your company or group (also known as an account system administrator).

Create an account now 

There are no fees for setting up or maintaining accounts.


The instructions in the section below are given as animated images which will play once the image is clicked, and, as text below the images. You may stop the animation at any time by clicking the image again.

Please note:

  • Becoming an account customer is not needed if you are only making a one-off search of the PPSR as a casual user.
  • If you want to use the search function of the PPSR regularly, an account will allow easier access to previous searches and certificates.
  • If you need to register and/or manage security interests on the PPSR, you need to create an account.

How to start

From any page on the PPS Register (see the Create an account now link at the top of this page) , click on the 'Create an account' link on the right hand side navigation in the 'Account log in' Section.

Entering account details

  1. Click on the 'Start account creation' button to go to the first step.
  2. Accept the Account Customer Terms and Conditions by clicking in the field beside the star.
  3. Enter your account customer name.
  4. Enter your own, or your company's, mailing address.
  5. Enter the account customer identifier (e.g. ABN, ACN, ARBN or ARSN) if relevant. Verify the identifier.
  6. Enter contact details for the account. The account contact can be someone who looks after the financial aspects of the business.
  7. Click next.

Entering user details

A key contact must be nominated for the account.

  1. Choose if the key contact is a PPSR user or not.
  2. Nominate if the contact is the account administrator.
  3. If the key contact is not a PPSR user, you will need to enter details for the account administrator.
  4. Click next.

Entering account preferences

Select and enter the following account preferences:


What it means

Maximum number of search transactions per day

Choose the maximum number of search transactions that the account can complete each day. You must choose a value greater than 0.

Maximum number of registration transactions per day

Choose the maximum number of registration transactions that the account can complete each day. You must choose a value greater than 0.

Password expiry time

Choose the amount of time before an account user must reset their password. You cannot specify a time less than the default expiry time of 90 days.

Password expiry notification time

Choose when the PPSR notifies account users that their account login is about to expire. You cannot make the notification time more than the default time of 10 days before the password expiry date.

Mode of password notification

Choose how the PPSR notifies account users of their password. The choices are to display the password onscreen or email the password to account users.

Account payment type

Choose how you will pay for your account transactions. You can choose between pay as you go and pre-pay. You can apply to become a credit customer after creating your PPSR account.

Send financial statements/tax invoices

Choose how often the PPSR will email financial statements and tax invoices to you. The choices are:

  • never
  • monthly
  • monthly (suppress if nil balance/nil activity)*                
  • every transaction

Only PPSR accounts with the payment type of pay as you go can choose to send their financial statements and tax invoices for every transaction. Pay as you go do not receive monthly statements.

Only PPSR accounts with the payment types of credit and pre-pay will receive monthly statements.

*If the PPSR account is not used within a billing month and there are no monies outstanding, credit and pre-pay account customers will not receive monthly statements.

Email address for financial statements/tax invoice

The PPSR will send financial statements and tax invoices to this email address.

Click Next

Review the information entered and confirm account creation


  1. Check all information, ensuring it is all correct.
  2. If it is correct, click create account customer.


  1. If you selected your mode of password notification to be onscreen:
  2. Your account customer number, username and password will be displayed, along with the name of the administrator.
    • If you select to have your password notification on screen, these account details will not be emailed to you. You will need to print this screen.
    • If you selected your mode of password notification to be - email directly to user:
  3. Your account customer number and username will be displayed.
  4. Your password notification will be emailed to you.

Log on with your temporary password

You must now log in to your account and change the automated password to something you will remember and then set up your three secret questions which will be used if you forget your password or lock your account.

  1. From any page on the PPS Register, click on the ‘Log in’ button on the right hand side navigation in the ‘Account log in’ Section.
  2. Log in using the new (temporary) password.

Set your password and 3 secret questions

  1. Type in your temporary password. (‘Old password’ refers to the system generated password produced at account setup.)
  2. Create a new password using the guidelines on the page.
  3. Confirm your new password.

Why should I create an account?

Benefits of a PPSR account include:

  • registration – account customers are able to create, amend and discharge registration transactions
  • efficiency – an account can make payment quicker and help remember your secured party groups. Account users can also create registration templates to help users of their account create registrations.
  • reports – account customers can access reports about their usage
  • customised access – account customers can customise system access for their users based on the transactions they want them to be able to perform. Account customers can also set up favourite grantors to use when conducting searches, registrations and requesting alert notifications.

What can I do as an account customer?

A PPSR account allows you to:

  • manage your transactions, e.g. searches and registrations
  • provide access to multiple users
  • choose payment method.

Account administrator roles and responsibilities

Once the PPSR account has been created the account administrator can manage the account, set up groups and permissions and users for this account, and change account details.

Each PPSR account has a minimum of one account administrator. Consider having more than one account administrator so you can support your account users if one account administrator is away. Having multiple account administrators will also allow the administrators to assist each other with their own password resets, unlock requests and share any PPSR administrative tasks.

The account administrator is responsible for: