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Organisation grantor search

Before you begin

You will need:

  • Your credit/debit details*see Note 1
  • To comply with the grantor identification rules
    (see Instructions Note 1)
  • To determine the type of organisation identifier
    (see Instructions Note 2)
  • Your email address*see Note 2

Note 1. Any credit card or a Visa/MasterCard debit card.
Note 2. If you do not have an email address, the information will still be available online.

Search organisation grantors now 

Online self service - $2.00
Assisted phone service - $7.00


Instructions Note 1: You need identifying information for the organisation. The type of organisation identifier is different depending on whether the grantor is a:

The organisation identifier may be:

Instructions Note 2: Grantor identification or identifier refers to the details that are used to identify the grantor in a registration. If the grantor is an organisation, different rules apply depending on whether the grantor is a body corporate, a partnership, trustee of a trust, or a body politic.

See the PPS Regulations (Schedule 1, part 1) for more information on the grantor identification rules.

The instructions in the section below are given as animated images which will play once the image is clicked, and, as text below the images. You may stop the animation at any time by clicking the image again.

Start your search

  1. From any page on the PPSR, click on the PPSR Search tab and select Search by organisation grantor from the dropdown list.
  2. In this example for demonstration purposes only the search is by ABN.
    If another identifier applies, such as an ACN, you would select “Yes” in response to the question ‘does the organisation you are searching for have an ACN?’ and enter the ACN and click verify.
    Otherwise if you enter ‘no’ you proceed to the next question as in this example.
  3. If the organisation does not have an ARSN, ACN or ARBN, as in this example, you will be asked to select an entity type. Choose from the list.
    More information available at the bottom of the page.
  4. Once you have chosen the correct Organisation identifier, if an ABN click the ‘Verify’ button to check if it is found. 
    As shown, the ‘Body Politic’ option was chosen, the number was entered, verified and shows the details.
    See the organisation identifiers information at the bottom of the page for clarification.
  5. Although you can narrow your search by searching by collateral class, it is best to search using all classes (leave the default selection). This way you will not miss any security interests.
  6. You can also use advanced search options to narrow your search. Again, it is best to search using all criteria (leave the default selection), to make sure you do not miss any security interests.
  7. Click ‘Next’ to continue.


  1. Enter your credit card details. The fee for the search is displayed on the screen.
  2. Click ‘Pay now’ to process the payment and go to the search result.

Search result summary

  1. The result of your search is displayed, along with a unique search number and a downloadable Tax invoice/Receipt.
    If you entered your email address, the Tax invoice/Receipt will be emailed to you.
  2. Your search result will be displayed in registration number order; the earliest registrations first.
    You can change this to descending, meaning the latest registrations will be displayed first.
  3. Select any or all of the registrations you require. You will need to make a selection for each page if more than one.
    Even if there are no PPSR registrations returned you should still email your search certificate.
  4. Click on ‘Email certificate’ to go to the next page where you can enter the email address to send the records to.
  5. Enter your email address and confirm it in the next field. Click on ‘Email’ to send the search certificates.
  6. Confirmation that the search certificates(s) have been emailed will be displayed on screen.
    If there are more than 10 certificates being emailed, you will receive 1 email per 10 search certificates.

Why would I need to search the PPSR?

Before you purchase valuable goods (over $5000) from a private seller; provide credit to a person or organisation; or invest in, with or through a person or organisation; you should check whether the goods, person or organisation have any existing security interests registered against them by searching the PPSR.

If the goods are identified by a serial number (such as a motor vehicle or watercraft), you can search using the serial number (go to Searching the PPSR to see what types of search you can do). Otherwise, you need to search by the details of the person or organisation (referred to as the grantor in the PPSR).

A grantor is a person or organisation who owns or has an interest in the personal property to which a security interest is attached. This includes a person or organisation who receives goods under a commercial consignment, a lessee under a Personal Property Securities (PPS) lease, and a transferor of an account or chattel paper.

What does this search cover?

The PPSR will only search for security interests registered against that identifier under the selected identifier type. Searching against multiple identifier types (for example, the ACN and ABN) requires multiple searches on the PPSR, one search for each identifier type.

Your search certificate(s) will contain the details of all security interests contained in your search result. For further details on your search result and search certificate see: Understanding organisation grantor search results.

For more information on buyer protection, see  Searching and buyer protections.

How the PPSR searches for grantors

Find out more about how the PPSR searches the database and what exact match searching for grantor searches means.

Identifying the type of organisation

  • The PPSR will help you to choose the appropriate organisation identifier, through a series of yes/no questions.
  • Check which organisation holds the assets. An organisation may have acquired other organisations, which may have registrations under a different organisation identifier.
  • A partnership is not a separate legal entity. Consider searching on each partner, as well as the partnership.
  • A trust may not have an ABN. This means registrations may have been made against the trustee, whether an individual or organisation. You will need to seek relevant information for the individual or organisation trustee.
  • An organisation may have changed its name. This will only be relevant if you are not using an identifying number. Consider asking for previous documentation.

Migrated registration differences in grantor details

Transitional registers described organisation and individual grantors in a variety of ways. Many of these details are different to the way the PPSR registers grantors.

For more information, see how transitional registers identified grantors.

Migrated data

For more information about migrated data see Previous securities registers and migrated data and Migrated registrations - known issues, such as ASIC migrated registrations with incomplete SPGs.

Filtering search results for grantor searches

If there are a number of registrations, you can filter the results. This can help if you are interested in viewing only a particular collateral type or class. Filtering does not incur an additional fee, and can be done on the search result screen or after downloading the search results to CSV file format.

Filtering is available on the following fields:

  • collateral type (commercial or consumer)
  • collateral class
  • start year
  • last change year
  • purchase money security interests (PMSI)
  • migrated and transitional
  • security interests only.